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Best Price Guaranteed

Our pricing model is the best on the market, making our acceptance rate above 80% and maintaining the satisfaction for our client by +85%, which becomes very dynamic in order to keep our client happy with the suitability of the current position, without charging additional fees.

24/7 Customer Care

As you can enjoy ordering your trip using the app from your personal handset, you can also reserve your driver by calling our 24/7 Contact Center at short code 2407. In addition to that, you can have your inquiries & complaints answered or you can contact us on WhatsApp on +249924073333.

Pickups & DroppOffs

Using the Tirhal app is easier than any other application on the local market now. You can set your home place & work location without relocating the trips from/to every time. You can also add some other places as your favorite.

Easy Bookings

Our map is powered by Google Map, which makes the bookings easier and places, signs, roads and updates available with no need for more description. Therefore, our search engine makes locating your destination easy. Not to mention the instructions on the application are quite simple.

Who We Are

Tirhal's vision is to help facilitate people's lives by providing various transportation services that suit all groups, and strive to provide transportation services locally (Khartoum and other local regions) and externally (Africa and some East Asian countries).

  • 80 Happy Customer
  • 2900 Luxury Cars
  • 100200 Kilometers Driven

Our Services


We provide delivery services with more than +200 motorcycles from restaurants to all cities across Khartoum only for now.


With our different vehicles from saloons to SUVs & vans, we provide travel services across the regions of Sudan at very interesting prices.


With BushraPay, our main payment partner, drivers can top-up their accounts besides the physical payment. This is alongside other services provided by BushraPay for the benefits of drivers. Plus, a passenger can also use this application to pay for the trip.


Tirhal is also providing health insurance and car insurance to our drivers as an addition to our services.

Fleet & VIP convoy

With more than +2k prestigious vehicles, we are ready to provide a fleet of cars for hospitals, hotels and companies. We can also secure a VIP convoy with preordering requests for organizations, companies or other entities.

Delivery Express

Through the application or call, you can deliver your items securely from any destination with very interesting prices.

Latest News

Mr. Irfan Nazir Oglu, the Turkish ambassador to the Republic of Sudan visited Tirhal

Mr. Irfan Nazir Oglu, the Turkish ambassador to the Republic of Sudan visited Tirhal

  • June 25, 2022

Tirhal invited the conference of Bank of Africa and World Bank

Tirhal invited the confernace of Bank of Africa and World Bank

  • May 20, 2021

region Offices

State of Khartoum - Khartoum Office Al-Tayif- Block 22, western to Dream Hall
State of Red Sea - Port Sudan Redsee Universty St.
State of Al-Jazeera - Madani Office El-mahta Street - Ahmed Araki Building - 2floor
State of Northern Kurdufan - Al-Obeid Office Aldouha - Dal Building -2nd Floor

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